Top 3 Reasons to Dry Clean your Fur Coat

It's summer. There is absolutely no need for a fur coat. You prepare to place the coat in storage when you realize it's looking a little ragged. You decide that you want to keep your coat looking its best. What better way to do that than to get it professionally cleaned? Here are three reasons to dry clean your fur coat.

Reason #1: Individualized Care

Dry cleaners take great pride in their work. In order to do this, they first inspect your coat by taking note of the fabric, stitching, seams, stains and other nuances that make it unique. Afterwards, they tailor their care towards ensuring that your item is well cared for.

Reason #2: Prolong its Life

When you dry clean your winter fur coat, you're making a deal with your dry cleaners. This deal ensures that all embellishments stay intact and water damage remains minimal. More importantly, it will add several years to the life of your fur coat.

Reason #3: Convenience

Chances are you probably have more than one winter fur coat. It's even more probable that each coat has different care instructions. Let's face have much better things to do. Who wants to spend a good chunk of time washing and drying each coat when someone could easily do it for you?

Professionally dry cleaning your fur coat is a time saver and a good option if you want to deep clean one of your favourite items. Afterwards, you can store your coat knowing that it will be in tip-top shape in three to four months when it's cold again.