How to Clean your Duvet

In our last blog post, we discussed the four different types of duvets for your bedroom. In this article, we'll look at how to care for each of those types. So let's get started...

Wool Duvets

First, spot clean your duvet to lift the stain. Second, soak the duvet in warm water and biodegradable detergent. Afterwards, set your machine to either "hand wash" or "gentle wash." Ensure that the spin cycle is on either medium or high so as to extract all the excess water. Finally, line dry in a warm and dry place.

Feather or Down Duvets

Wash a down duvet on a gentle cycle. If you can, use the spin cycle twice to ensure that the fabric is not waterlogged. Place the duvet in the dryer with a dryer ball on low heat. This setting will help to prevent shrinkage while the ball will fluff the down and prevent lumps from forming.

Silk Duvets

Due to the sensitive nature of these duvets, spot cleaning and sun curing are your best bet. In sun curing, you lie the duvet flat out in the sun. After an hour, flip it over. The sun will dry up excess oils. If there are tiny stains, use a soft, soapy sponge to dab each stain. Larger and more stubborn stains require professional cleaning.

Synthetic Duvets

You can hand wash these types of duvets to avoid stressing the seams. However, if you chose to use the washing machine, choose mild detergent and a gentle cycle with warm water. Similar to the down duvets, place the microfibre duvet in the dryer on low heat with dryer balls. The hollow fibre duvets should line dry.