How to Clean and Maintain Your Cap

The sun's out and so are all the bonnets, hats and baseball caps. But as easy as it is to wear, your cap is just as likely to get dirty very quickly. With that said, we've gathered all the best tips and tricks that we can muster. We're going to give you the low down on how to keep that cap in tip-top shape for the entire season. Without further ado, here are five steps to cap cleaning and maintenance:

Read the label and determine if the cap requires specialised care
We can't stress this enough, but please read the label of your cap before you clean it. If your cap requires dry cleaning, don't hesitate to bring it to My Tuesdays Fine Drycleaners. We'll save you the hassle of those DIY home dry cleaning kits that will be more trouble than they are worth.

Use a vacuum to suck excess dirt off its surface
Before your cap cleaning, take a brush or a vacuum and gently remove excess dirt from its surface. This method will ensure that the cleaning solution will not dilute and allow the dust to settle into the folds of the cap.

Gently wash the cap with an eco-friendly cleaning solution
Use an eco-friendly detergent or shampoo and a soft tooth or nail brush to gently scrub the cap. Do not soak the bill.

Dry your cap and maintain its shape
Do not place your cap in the dryer or in contact with any device that emits extreme temperatures as it will cause the cap to shrink. Instead, either use a balled-up towel to soak up the excess moisture and allow the cap to air dry or place the cap on a hat stand. This method will allow the cap to keep its shape.

And there it is - a safe, easy and convenient way to clean and maintain your cap. Remember, you always have professionals at Tuesdays Fine Drycleaners to perform cap cleaning for you.