How to Clean and Maintain Your Leather Jacket

You have this unbelievably perfect leather jacket sitting in your closet. When you wear it, you feel like Danny Zuko, and James Dean combined. Alternatively, maybe you look more like Sandy Olsson with a splash of Buffy Summers? Perhaps you're a combination of all four? Either way, your outfit catches everyone’s eye. 

Want to look this great all the time? Then you need to clean and maintain your leather jacket. Good thing Tuesdays Fine Dry Cleaners is here to walk you through each step.

Step I: Brush and Wipe Your Leather Jacket
Whether you just bought it or just had it dry cleaned, always remember to wipe down your leather regularly. You can use a damp cloth, dry sponge or even a soft brush to sweep off debris. Doing so, will not only help to maintain its shine and lustre, but will also prepare it for the next two steps below.  

Step II: Protect Your Leather Jacket
If you live on the West Coast, then you need to protect your leather jacket from water and humidity. To make your leather jacket water resistant, buy a bottle of Leather Protectant Spray. Before you buy any old container, remember that each leather jacket has specific needs. So, be sure to ask Tuesdays which would be best for your leather jacket. 

Step III: Condition Your Leather Jacket
Think of your leather jacket as sensitive skin - like your face. You wouldn’t walk out of the house without moisturizing, would you? Exactly! So why not moisturizer your  leather jacket? That’s where leather conditioner comes in. Apply sparingly when your jacket starts to feel dry because nothing ruins an outfit more than a dry, cracked leather. 


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