Wedding Dress Cleaning 2

Each dress requires individual attention. We first inspect the dress so as to identify areas that need special attention. All beads, sequins, or crystals are inspected making sure none are missing or broken. The bodice and body of the dress are also checked from back to front to identify any stains. The hemline is inspected so as to determine type and degree of soiling as well as signs of wear and tear. Lastly, each layer is checked for length, soiling and condition.

The second step is to perform pre-treatment. At this stage, all visible stains are treated with a special solution formulated for wedding dresses. Each spot or stain is individually treated and the hem is hand-treated for soiling.

Afterwards, it’s time for the actual wedding dress cleaning. A dress that is lightly sequinned or has no sequins is cleaned by itself in the dry cleaning machine with no other garments included. This machine uses fresh distilled cleaning solution to preserve the integrity of the dress. Fully sequinned or heavily beaded dresses are hand cleaned to protect the decoration.

Then the dress is steamed to make it easier to identify stains or yellow marks that were not visible before the cleaning. The wedding gown is also inspected for any open seams or missing buttons which are then repaired or replaced. Wedding dress cleaning also requires a finishing process. The dress is re-steamed and renewed to appear as close to “like new” as possible and can be stored in an acid-free chest to preserve it.

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