Leather Purse Cleaning

Your leather purse has probably seen every corner of the globe. It’s time you give it the tender, love and care it deserves. Not to worry…..Tuesdays has got that delicate touch.

Before we clean it, we inspect every inch of the bag to determine its condition, construction and decoration. If it’s glued, the glue will dissolve in the cleaning process and leave residue behind. Metal handles, grommets and other decoration are inspected to determine if the bag should be hand-cleaned or can be cleaned with the K4 system.

In the K4 system, each bag is cleaned by itself in freshly-distilled solution of SOLVON-K4, a bio-derived and “sustainable” solution. The SOLVON-K4 reconditions the bag to feel like new so after air drying it feels refreshed, renewed and ready to wear.

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