Leather Cleaning 2

What do motorcycle riders, cowboys, James Dean and the cast of Grease all have in common? You guessed it - they all wear leather. Leather has been at the helm of a number of fashion trends throughout the decades. But how do you clean and preserve such a sensitive, well-loved item? As per usual, Tuesdays Fine Dry Cleaners has got you covered.

Step one involves inspection. First, Tuesdays determines the condition of the leather. We look for wear and tears in the cuff and collar, examining the construction of the garment and evaluating the condition of the lining so as to ascertain if there are any tears or open seams.

Diagnosing the colour stability and the tanning process used on the garment are other important aspects of the inspection and will determine how imperfections of the leather will appear after cleaning.

Once that has been finalized, each leather garment is cleaned by itself in a freshly-distilled solution of SOLVON-K4, a bio-derived and USDA sustainable solution made from corn grown in the U.S. The SOLVON-K4 rejuvenates dried leather to make it feel like new.

The last step involves air finishing whereby the garment is air-dried in order to refresh and renew it. Your item is now packed and ready-to-wear.

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