Fur Cleaning 2

Fur has been a part of our winter wardrobe from time immemorial. It’s stylish and  keeps us warm during the colder months of the year. People often come to Tuesdays to get back that soft feeling their fur item had when they first bought it. And we’re here to tell you that that is absolutely possible.

Our cleaning technician will always check the condition of the fur, construction of the garment, condition of the lining and colour stability. In doing so it will be determined whether the fur has been glued on or sewn onto the garment, if the garment has been glued or stitched, or a combination of both, if there are tears and open seams and how the garment was dyed.

The cleaning cycle is approximately one hour which includes a short wash cycle in a clockwise direction, a second wash cycle in a counterclockwise direction, an extraction cycle and a tumble dry cycle.

Each fur garment is then cleaned by itself in freshly-distilled solution of SOLVON-K4, a bio-derived and USDA sustainable solution made from corn grown in the U.S. The SOLVON-K4 rejuvenates old or dried fur to make it feel like new and at the time recondition the it.  Lastly, the garment is air-dried in order to refresh and renew it and packed and ready-to-wear.

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