All garments are tagged with special identification to ensure your clothes are returned to you. They are organized into proper groups of either dark, medium, or light colours.

They are inspected for stains and then pre-treated prior to going into the machine. After cleaning, all garments are hung up and re-inspected for visual stains, missing buttons and open seams.

After the visual inspection, the clothes proceed to the pressing station. Garments are professionally pressed to look crisp and again inspected for stains, missing buttons and open seams. The stains will be treated, missing buttons replaced and open seams sewn closed.

The garments are now ready to be placed on the storage conveyor.  An email is automatically sent to the customer as notice that the clothes are ready for pick up.

Tuesday’s Fine Dry Cleaners is a proud user of SOLVON-K4, halogen-free dry cleaning. This solution has very different properties from conventional dry cleaning products. It is organic, biodegradable, dermatologically tested and corn-based with approximately 99% pureness and excellent cleaning performance. Besides its excellent cleaning power, textiles come out with a smooth, pleasant feeling with less creasing.

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