Curtain Cleaning 2

Fabric weakening and sun fading are the two biggest concerns in drapery and curtain cleaning.  This is because light weakens the tensile strength of the fibres, and this must be examined to make sure the drapes can withstand the tumbling in the cleaning process as well as survive any colour fading after cleaning.

Upon arrival, Tuesdays inspects your draperies for water stains, discolouration and weak fibres.  Afterwards, curtains are spotted to remove stains without damaging the colour, and are cleaned with SOLVON-K4, a halogen-free solution.  This ensures the best cleaning with less chance of colour fading and damage. After cleaning, the drapes are pressed to provide a fresh crisp feel. When the drapes are rehung at home, it may take a few days for them to look like they did before the cleaning.

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