Does your baseball cap have oil stains from your hair? Or maybe perspiration stains? Is it a little dirty from being outside all day.

Truth be told, Tuesdays Fine Dry Cleaners can fix any of your favourite soiled baseball caps. Best of all, we know how to clean your cap safely and correctly to keep the ball cap’s shape.

And it all starts off with….? You guessed inspection.

The cap first has to be inspected for soil conditions and the type of construction. Then it’s cleaned in our K4 cleaning machine to remove all grease and oil. SOLVON-K4 - a bio-based and USDA bio-preferred solution which contains renewable plant, marine and forestry-based resources.

After cleaning in the K4 solution, the cap is wet-cleaned to remove water and perspiration stains and refresh the cap. The cap is then air dried on a form fitting rack. The result is the renewal of your favourite baseball cap.

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